Bloom looks promising this spring – lots of fruit buds.  we have avoided the  frosts this spring. We had one morning at 31 degrees.   There would only be a 10% loss at 28 degrees – 25 degrees causes a 90% loss when blossoms are open.
So we are good so far.  What we need now is some sunshine so the bumble bees will come out. The one inch of rain last night was gentle and did not wash off the open flowers.  Zestars (as you can see in the photo) are in full bloom – Cortlands are next followed closely by McIntosh, Empire and Honeycrisp are starting.
We have had a busy spring – picking up and chipping all the brush once the snow melted in April,  planting 500 new raspberries and 125 new apple trees (with the help of neighbor Kyle Zecher).
I will post more bloom pictures when we get some sunshine.


Zestars in bloom 2017 - Copy no exif