Excellent picking for MacIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Macoun, Gala and Fuji.  There are still good Honeycrisp when you go all the way down the hill – they will be essentially picked out by the end of the weekend.  There are good drops available for most varieties at half price.
Cider and donuts will both be on hand Saturday and Sunday – donuts often run out in the afternoon.
Come enjoy picking now that we have good apple picking weather – high temperature forecast for Saturday is 55 degrees and 63 degrees for Sunday.


We will start picking Empires tomorrow (Thursday Sept 28) – there is a good crop – see photo.  Forecast is (finally) for cooler weather – come before the weekend to beat the crowds.
Honeycrisp are best in the bottom block below the three Cortland rows.  Macouns are good at the bottom  rows below the Honeycrisp.  MacIntosh good in several places, especially the old orchard.  Cortlands are good in the bottom three rows and the last row in the old orchard.  Gala and Fuji also have good picking.


Empires 9 27 - Copy


We will be back open tomorrow after our Monday off.  Still good Honeycrisp –  fewer by the weekend – don’t wait too long.  MacIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Macoun and Fuji continue to be in good supply, but a good many have been picked.
Empires will open on Thursday.  We have two more hot days forecast, so come early.
We expect to be open thru Columbus Day weekend (but not Monday).   There will be fewer apples than we have now.  Come now while the picking is easier.