We are off to a good start.  There was good weather for a few days during bloom and the bees (both our imported bumble bees and quite few native bees as well) were able to get out and pollinate the flowers.  You can see in the photo small apples that are now 10 mm (3/8 inch) in diameter and there are quite a lot of them.
  We are now trying to get a window in the weather when it is not raining and not too windy so we can put down a weak acid thinning spray.  The goal is to remove some (but not too many) of the apples, so that the remaining ones grow larger.  It is a balancing act – if too few come off, then we have a lot of hand thinning – if too many come off the harvest is smaller.
There is a moderate set on the cherries and the raspberries are getting ready to bloom.  Raspberry harvest usually starts first week in July – plus or minus depending on the weather.

10 mm apples