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Early Apple Sunday Sept 7 (not Saturday the 6’th)


Early apple day for Zestars, Sansas, and Ginger Golds will be Sunday Sept 7 (not Saturday Sept 6) the weather forecast for Saturday is 60 % chance of rain but Sunday (the 7’th) is supposed to be sunny with a high of 68, so we have decided to go with Sunday.

The crop size is moderate for both Zestars and Sansas, so we may get picked out in a day.  Ginger Golds will probably last for a couple of weeks into our regular season.

We will start our regular season for McIntosh (they will be tart) on Thursday Sept 11 – there will be Ginger Golds then and maybe some Zestars and Sansas – Galas may or may not be ripe yet as of Sept 11, but will be ripe soon after.

Come help us start the season!!

Zestars Ginger Golds

Early Apple Saturday – Sept 6 – now Sunday Sept 7

We still look to be on target for an early apple Saturday on September 6 for Zestar,  Sansa and Ginger Gold.  There is a small crop of Zestars, so they will probably sell out the first day.  We will open for our regular season around Sept 11 with McIntosh, and Gala as well as the earlier varieties. Watch for updates.

Honeycrisps will be later in September – they are looking good.

Honeycrisp copied from madtomorchard web site

Looking forward to apple harvest

Apple crop continues to look good – attached photo shows some very nice looking Fujis.

When fruit will be ripe is always hard to predict – Early apple Saturday for Zestar,  Sansa and Ginger Gold will probably be  September 6 and then we will  most likely open for our regular season on Thursday September 11 with McIntosh, and Gala as well.