This will be our windup week.  We saw hundreds of happy customers this weekend.  We toured the orchard today and there is still good picking for MacIntosh, Cortland, Macoun, Empire and Gala.  Also plenty of drops at half price .
We will be open all week – rain or shine.  Saturday Oct 14 and Sunday Oct 15 will be our last days open.
Come for those last bag(s) of apples.


The late season apples are ready – we have taken down the red tape. There is a small crop of very nice Golden Delicious and Northern Spy on three year old trees.  There  is a somewhat larger crop of bright red Crimson Crisp on three year old and seven year old trees.  These varieties will get picked out quickly.
MacIntosh in the old orchard are plentiful, juicy and full flavored.   Cortland, Macoun, Empire and Gala are all prime as well.  Honeycrisp are scarce, except for drops.
There will be cider and donuts on the weekend.  Donuts run out, so come early.
We will be closed on Monday Oct 9 (Columbus Day) and we will then be open thru the weekend of Saturday Oct 14 and Sunday Oct 15.

Crimson Crisp

Crimson Crisp Oct 5 - Copy

Apples with a View !