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Thankful for a great harvest !!


Also thankful that I am able to write this post.  Our usual post harvest trip to Maine was replaced with multiple trips to Albany Medical Center.

On Halloween afternoon I had an accident while cutting up one of the old Cortland trees that had been blown over onto the deer fence.  I did not see that a branch was under tension from the fence and it hit the right side of my face when I cut it loose.

Fortunately, I was wearing a hard hat, but the impact broke essentially all the bones on the right side of my face and my jaw. There were major cuts around my right eye, but the vision should be ok.

So now I am three weeks post surgery –  supposed to get the wires holding my jaw shut removed in a week.  It has been fine dining thru a straw – Sylvia is now expert with a blender.  Both our daughters from Massachusetts have been up lending support and friends have brought lots of great soup.

This has been quite a speed bump, but I expect to make a full recovery. I have been making good use of our woodstove in this cold weather and hope to be out in the orchard soon.

Next year we plan on celebrating Halloween differently and having a full Thanksgiving dinner.  Best wishes for a safe holiday season to all.


Sunday October 14 was our last day for the 2018 apple harvest  – it was one of our best.  Thanks to everyone who came and picked.   Put us on your calendar for next Fall.
Fruit is more than 95% picked – some of the remaining apples  will go to the Manchester Food Cupboard – the others will add to the organic matter in the soil – the ultimate in recycling.
The photo show some of the work crew going home on the final day.

Last day photo IMG_2330 - Copy

Apples with a View !