Raspberries are ready at Mad Tom Orchard

2016 raspberry season is over

Summer pick your own raspberries usually start soon after July 4’th.  Season lasts about three weeks – because the berries ripen in stages we often are open for one or two days and then need to close for a day or two for more berries to ripen – check the web or FaceBook before you come to see that we will be open  – remember,  we are always closed on Mondays.   Because of the intermittent nature of picking for the raspberries, we are no longer putting signs up on RT 7 and relying instead on the website and FaceBook.   I post frequently  in the evening during the raspberry season.

We no longer have Fall raspberries –  the SWD (Spotted Wing Drosophila)  fruit fly from Asia came to the United States a few years ago and has been moving further north each year – it reached us in 2013.   The larva from the fly will show up in the berries in a few days after eggs are laid.  It would require very frequent sprays to attempt to control the SWD, so we elected to get out of the fall berry business.

Fortunately – the SWD comes later in the summer and is not a problem for summer raspberries.


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